Pip Rae

To Smell With It!

So I did it…………not ready, not finished, not perfect – To Smell With It. That is the life of this creative, I’ve got great ideas and a million of them, but not enough time, money or energy to pull it all together so it’s the perfection I am looking for. Isn’t that a familiar story? […]

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Confidence is like putting on your favourite jumper.

‘it is something you create within yourself by believing in who you are’

Suffering from imposter syndrome? 

It’s that feeling of not BEING good enough, a fear of being caught out not knowing what a role defines you must know and do.  It’s an assumption you make about yourself that because you don’t know now, you won’t know how to, when the time comes. It creates an anxiety that can stop you from reaching your potential and most of us suffer from it at some point. With specific job descriptions and expectations in roles such as described in ‘social norms’, like a mum, dad, father, wife there are a lot of people who lack the confidence to take up the challenge of even trying to be that.

The remedy prescription for Imposter Syndrome is Confidence.  Not faking it, but knowing you will know or you will learn what you need to.  You see………read more

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We all want to be on the same page…..

the root cause of violence against women and domestic violence is…….. The burden of Male Primacy. It has long played a part in the community attitudes towards women in social norms. The primary prevention tool for domestic violence, violence against women and male suicide is removing this burden of authority, control and power; and reach […]

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Should Men Be Scared?

This week I was asked about the retrospective reporting of Domestic Violence and I can tell you men are scared. Women are likely to report abusive behaviour and intimate partner violence more now than ever.  They feel they will be believed, the are no longer ashamed nor do they think it is their fault.  They […]

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Volunteering is good for the heart and soul.

Our family comes from a long line of community volunteers.  My grandmother was community minded, engaged in community groups and in her later years would knit Trauma Teddies for the emergency services.  My mum produced live shows in a small country town to raise much needs funds for the local hospitals.

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Vanessa Amorosi embraces the person she has become and artist that she is.

Vanessa Amorosi embraces the person she has become and the artist that she is; and lives her life with truth, honesty and the freedom of being herself, wherever she is in the world.  Today I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing this beautiful soul who I would consider the most empowering singer songwriters of my […]

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‘Have Gratitude, Find Depth and Listen to your mum’ – Michelle Bridges

HOW DO YOU MEASURE YOUR SUCCESS ‘have Grattitude, find depth and listen to your mum’ – Michelle bridges ‘JUST F*&Kn DO IT is the step between your plan and your goal’ according to Australia’s most successful fitness and weightless coach, Michelle Bridges.

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Toolkit5 Reasons to FIND YOUR IDENTITY