Who is Pip Rae Anyway?

Pip is a Writer and Journalist

Pip is a writer and social justice journalist following her passion within the space of womens’ empowerment and mens mental health.  She turned her live radio show into a podcast and interviewed hundreds of women who inspired her to create an online magazine called, The Universal Issue: Unlocking the Values of Humanity.

Pip is the WordStyler.

Pip has over 25 years of interviewing experience and uses these skills to help passionate individuals develop their personal brand.  She leads a courageous conversation and creates a safe space for her clients to be themselves, so they can recognise their value and importance of their original perspective. This interview becomes a Podcast and over 40 digital assets including Blog Post, Linkedin Expert Articles and Social Media Posts that develop a strong online presence. Pip is completely empowered by people who trust her to tell their stories that create change in social norms and bring about justice. 

Pip is a Speaker

Pip speaks on womens empowerment, engaging in networking groups like ShireWomen, Let’s Connect Womens and Future Women.  Colleagues say she is confident to take on the big issues but she openly admits to often biting off more than she can thinks she can chew, rising to the challenge on days like International Womens Day and speaking up for the rights of women, men and children.

Pip Rae is a Podcast Host and Producer

With interviewing, presenting and broadcasting skills, Pip took herself off to Aftrs and learnt the art of Podcasting and now produces podcasts for the Sutherland Shire Podcast Station, offering both studio and portable podcast service, which she started from scratch.  Pip has local and international hosts under her guidance and opens the ShirePOD Podcasting Masterclass four times a year to new hosts wanting to start a series.Pip has created 3 Podcast Series of her own.   The Elements of Empowerment, Tell Me More About That, All About AVO’s.  She has one off episodes about The Male Suicide Gap and Charities Industry

Pip is a Radio Presenter

Pip created her own radio show, The Hour to Empower. She has interviewed music artists and TV personalities who live or have appeared in the Sutherland Shire.   She has interviewed business owners, community leaders and politicians about the social justice issues such as mental health, male suicide gap, domestic violence, gender inequality, child protection and violence prevention.

Pip Rae is an Online Author

It was only natural for Pip to take the insightful and inspiring quotes of her interviewees and share them with her audience.  She has combined her Elements of Empowerment Podcast with her social justice research into a visual online magazine that unpacks the painful emotions that erode self worth.

Wordstyler Branding for business website“Pip writes with clarity that is creatively woven into versions of truth and perception!”

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