Who is Pip Rae Anyway?

Hey Hey, It’s Pip Rae.

Thanks for stopping by.

So whether you’re an old friend I haven’t seen for a while, a new friend doing their due diligence or a cyber stalker, yes! you know I know what you’re doing, you’re probably a curious googler.   So, I just want to say hi and share how I’ve spent the past 10 years reinventing myself:

 to find an identity without a badge,

≈ define my roles beyond parenting children and

≈ build a better, kinder, safer, happier, more positive, less stressed world to live in.

So what do I do? Generally I try to help people when they ask for it of course. 

My day job is as a writer, social justice journalist, podcaster and story teller and I’ve been doing it for just on 28 years.   Whether it’s True Crime or Memoir Stories, and I’ve even dabble in the Drama with a twist of fiction, every day I am  interviewing people about themselves to extract the interesting, unusual and unique traits and qualities that they can leverage to build their personal brands. I help them see what I and others see.

So, I also own a local podcast station and produce podcasts for others and myself, about the stuff that matters to people who want to know.


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