Confidence is like putting on your favourite jumper.

‘it is something you create within yourself by believing in who you are’

Suffering from imposter syndrome? 

It’s that feeling of not BEING good enough, a fear of being caught out not knowing what a role defines you must know and do.  It’s an assumption you make about yourself that because you don’t know now, you won’t know how to, when the time comes. It creates an anxiety that can stop you from reaching your potential and most of us suffer from it at some point. With specific job descriptions and expectations in roles such as described in ‘social norms’, like a mum, dad, father, wife there are a lot of people who lack the confidence to take up the challenge of even trying to be that.

The remedy prescription for Imposter Syndrome is Confidence.  Not faking it, but knowing you will know or you will learn what you need to.  You see………read more

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