‘Have Gratitude, Find Depth and Listen to your mum’ – Michelle Bridges


‘have Grattitude, find depth and listen to your mum’

– Michelle bridges

‘JUST F*&Kn DO IT is the step between your plan and your goal’ according to Australia’s most successful fitness and weightless coach, Michelle Bridges.

But it isn’t the money she’s made, the car she drives or her multiple businesses that makes her feel successful.

It is the deep connected relationship and the people in her life that she is grateful for. It is the opportunity to be a mother, daughter and friend among her world wide network that gives her purpose and strength.   She is known for setting goals, but she truly is kicking them when it comes to self care.  Looking after yourself, physically and emotionally.  She find joy in helping others achieve their goals and listening to her mum is just some of the advice she gives to clients, your and old, men and women.  

Now I am not a celebrity groupie, as I really do respect that the effort and time they put into the work they do in the public gives them the same entitlement we have to a private life,  I don’t like looking if someone points them out, I don’t get photos or signatures but I do hold memories of those moments of candid conversations that happen by chance.  But on this occasion, Michelle had travelled to the Sutherland Shire and it was time to flex that brave muscle I’ve been talking about on air @2SSR.com.au, and she was lovely.  Funny, engaging and humble.

Here’s the interview!   International Womens Day Business Lunch hosted by Sullivan Dewing.



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