Find a Connection, Be Involved and Feel Like You Belong

CONNECTION: Find it, Get Involved and Stay There.

Your ability to connect directly relates to your willingness and openness of accepting what is.  It’s working through the obstacles or the feeling of disconnect to find common ground.  Mental Health Growth Mindset Training. 

You can’t un-know what you now know. Forgive yourself for not knowing and find your connection to self and community by diving in, with both feet knowing you will land in the shallow.

The Sutherland Shire has an amazing community that connects its’ people, places and events everyday.  One of those events is the Shire Women, held the first Friday of every month at the Tradies on The Kingsway, Gymea.

Last month I was honoured to attend, engage, listen and learn from the amazing women in our community who are rocking it as the CEO of their self made business.  The willingness to share information, impart knowledge and develop the skills of like minded women striving for financial independence is a support network that allows them to follow their dreams of creating something from nothing. And it is nothing short of inspiring.

Now I know this happens all over Australia and the world and having stepped away from my ‘community connections’ years ago because of the lack of belief I had in myself, the only barrier I had to overcome was me. My own judgements, my old stories and my fear of failure, even though I didn’t have a stick to measure my success.  So there in lies my lesson ; I would fail because I didn’t even try.

So when I got to sit down with Steph and Vanessa at the end of an informative and educational presentation by Bungalow Marketing, I was completely connected to their purpose and passion and had witnessed the transformational energy of the room that inspires local shire business women to do their thing.

One of the take aways from the interview is the level of self belief both of them possess in what they are doing and the way they do it.  Steph, a visionary that puts servicing her clients and her insane ability to connect people, shares what it takes to have the drive that keeps her in the direction of success and the growth of Shire Women.  Vanessa, a practical soul talks about what building Shire Women can do for individuals, their business and their families.  Both women are smart and funny, wise and witty, with an infectious laugh.

The format of the Shire Women Coffee and Connect event is informal yet professional and has the capacity to go from a morning tea to a long business lunch.  The commitment to women in business is the element of empowerment for Shire Women and their members.  It’s a space that is created; where you walk in and feel safe to be the business operator you want to be.  It is an arena to support women looking to create something from nothing. Taking that idea and putting it with a strategy to become financially independent, provide for their families and feel connected to their community.

If I could bottle that atmosphere and inject it into my younger self, I’m sure I would not have suffered the self doubt and sabotaging thoughts I subjected myself to for all those years.   I know how hard it is to put yourself into a crowd you want acceptance from when you can’t even accept yourself as you are. But you are enough and you will find there is someone who needs what you have to offer and want to learn what you know.

So click here for more details on Coffee and Connect and I hope to see you there.




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