Vanessa Amorosi embraces the person she has become and artist that she is.

Vanessa Amorosi embraces the person she has become and the artist that she is; and lives her life with truth, honesty and the freedom of being herself, wherever she is in the world.  Today I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing this beautiful soul who I would consider the most empowering singer songwriters of my time.   She continues to inspire, empower and live an authentic life of purpose and passion by speaking the truth in her songs and live performances.   Check out the FB Post here

Vanessa is a household name in Australia and over the past 20 years she has learnt to embrace her creativity which she once guarded in her song writing to make it less personal.  “I didn’t feel comfortable talking about it”.   Vanessa opens up about an inner strength she went actively searching for when given a fantastic opportunity to explore her first and greatest musical love – gospel.

My interview with her dives deep in to journey of self discovery and she shared how she was inspired by the women in L.A. who ‘rock their outfits, own their decisions and just don’t care what other people think’.  In today’s society of perfectionism Vanessa is a breath of fresh air: a mum of a three year old, pursuing her passion and embracing her talent despite all the self defeating and self limiting beliefs our generations are conditioned to believe.  “I have to work on that everyday. I was constantly questioning myself.”  When asked what strategies she used to overcome this, Vanessa has a powerful message. “Believe in your decisions, be prepared for the no’s.”

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Her career commenced at a time when Australia had the Worlds’ stage and spotlight shining down on The 2000 Olympic Games.  She was 17 years old and it was her song Absolutely Everybody  that became the unofficial anthem and a message of inclusion and respect for millions around the world.  Perfect, Shine and Amazing became songs that were the foundations and scaffolding of self empowerment. But there is no doubt that with the release of ‘This is who I am’ (2009) Vanessa raw reflection woke up women like me, who wanted to fit into the world, be accepted and included,  then heard these words “I spent years really hating me, longing to be friends” and thought I really don’t like who I am and I need to change.   Even though she didn’t know it at the time, Vanessa acknowledges her journey of self discovery has come with some hard and repeating lessons of self respect.  Valuing herself, her talent and building her self belief to the point where ‘sometimes you just have to walk away from toxic situations and relationships’.

Her current single Heave Lies the Head is a raw and real encounter of self empowerment that openly shares the human pain we all experience when there are lies, betrayal, deceit and disrespect.   Vanessa said ‘Nothing brings me greater joy than sharing my music with everyone’ and it is this self acceptance and self respect that demonstrates the journey she has taken to find the ‘real life’ she now experiences with her family and music.

So on today’s show of the Hour to Empower, I honour the work Vanessa has done on herself and for millions of fans in sharing the music and lyrics that without guilt or shame brings to the forefront the battle many face with negative thoughts and the belief of ‘not being good enough’.

I’ll be giving away two tickets to see Vanessa at her Revesby Workers Club show on 11th May 2019 and she takes off around Australian for the Heavy Lies the Head tour.  Other dates are available @

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