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BRAVE – Become, Be and Stay Empowered Hey Hey! It’s Pip Rae!

Now a little over 2 years ago I started to design a life I wanted to live and along the way I have meet some inspiring and motivating people that showed me the path to becoming, being and staying Brave.

For the past 25 years I have studied justice, womens issues, gender inequality and parenting through experience of having children.    My radio show on 2SSR, 99.7fm (Sound of the Sutherland Shire) is The Hour to Empower that talks and sings about what it takes to become, be and stay empowered at home, at work and in your community.  Everyone has a story to tell and that story is often the lighthouse for someone else to find a way for them to become this weeks theme : Brave.

Now Brave is a muscle that you have to flex to maintain the integrity of the life you want to live.  It means saying what you want in the moment it needs to be said, without fear. 

Brave is a calm assertion that helps define your boundaries in the relationships you have with people. 

What I love about that Sarah Barelise’s song Brave; is that it really empowers you to take responsibility for the emotion you are feeling and expressing it in a healthy way, so that you can be heard.  Often people have this feeling of ‘what you want to say will have no impact or value’ and that is the feeling that holds you back from being brave. Maya Angelou’s words about being brave are: ‘The price is high. The reward is great.’  

So never underestimate the the impact in healing someones pain, confusion, distress or anxiety that comes when you say…..what you want to say.   It is inspiring and empowering. 

Brave is often thought of as a sacrifice, and bravery awards are given to those who have paid extreme prices in return. But I’m here to share that Brave doesn’t mean you need to suffer. 

Brave is trying something new.

Now over the years I have followed the amazing Professor Brene’ Brown who’s story telling genius has changed millions of lives. My favourite quote from her is ‘Courage is contagious. Every time we choose courage, we make everyone around us a little better and the world a little braver.’   It shoots straight to the heart of how Brave is an element of Empowerment not only for yourself but for others.  

  • Brave is going somewhere you’ve never been
  • Brave is sharing something with someone that might expose your vulnerability
  • Brave is speaking up and saying something when your moral compass is thrown off course. 
  • Brave is having the strength to say no
  • Brave is protecting your self worth even if it means walking away from a friend who doesn’t value what you bring to the relationship. 
  • Brave is standing up for what you believe in. 

Your willingness to be ‘all in’ even though it may have meant failing or being hurt, is the essence of Being Brave.  Humans crave certainty and security and they would rather give up on the possibility of what might be than be brave and step into what Being Brave has the potential to create. 

When you get that intangible feeling of ‘what if I loose control and choose to let it go and see what collides’ (Delta Goodrem: Wings) it just injects a whole lot of brave into your confidence to make the choices for yourself and not according to the expectations of others that’s why accepting the reality of how life is precious and time is something we can’t waste. It’s a limited resource that only you are responsible for.

Now being brave is just one element of feeling empowered and it’s not always as easy as it sounds when someone says, just be brave!  Society has really conditioned us to be of service to others, but that doesn’t mean it is at the expense of your own health or wellbeing.  Sometimes being Brave means saying no to people you love and care about so that you can concentrate on loving yourself, and taking some time for self care.   

Brave is also about asking for help.  Many of us think we ‘should’ be able to cope with anything that life throws at us and it simply isn’t true.  Asking for help is not a weakness, it is a strength in your character that infects others with the bravery to ask for help when they need it.  

It’s the vulnerability that makes it ok for others and gives them permission to find the help they need.   So in my research I have found that Brave is a great place to start if you want to reclaim your power and rebuild your confidence.  Brave is only something you can do for yourself, it is within you and it will fill your bucket with an unlimited source of self confidence and self belief.  

Brave really is about facing the fear and doing it anyway – great book – so I am challenging you to do something Brave today, even it if means talking to that family member you had a fall out with or joining a new group.  Time only creates distance, being brave enough to have that conversation or signing up for that course is transformation.

Now that you are feeling the awe of Being Brave –  and we’ve look at all it’s versions, I really want you to consider how your life would be if ; Brave is the unbreakable, unstoppable weapon of choice for becoming, being and staying Empowered.

I’d love to hear your story of how you became brave – it is the lighthouse, that lights the way for others to be Brave.  Click below at 4:37 minutes to listen to the ‘one about’ ……..Becoming, Being and Staying Brave.


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