Tips on writing an engaging bio

The BIO is your mask to the world. The person you want others to see. It is the sum of all the skills, abilities, experiences and education that shows you have what it takes to do, be or create that thing someone else needs you to do.  Finding the right words can literally help you find your true identity.

Finding Your IDentity is a useful tool to help you narrow down and quickly build the description of who you want to be seen as in your professional or personal life.

♥ The FYID Kit is a formula that works through expanding the NOUN you use to identity what you do.

♥ The 5 Adjectives from the Appearance, Personality or Feeling List that helps describe how you do what you do. Check out the comprehensive list, print, tick off as many as you like – then narrow down.

( a word naming an attribute of a noun, such as sweet, red, or technical).

♥ The 3 Verbs pinpoint the actions you take to do what you do. Check out the comprehensive list of verbs, print and tick off the ones that most relate to the outcome you achieve.

( a meaning word, conveys an action, an occurrence, or a state of being).

♥ Discover your empirical NOUN as you explore what other possibilities that original NOUN can do. This is a mind mapping process that looks at what else your noun does without using your job title.  For example: a manager is a also a ‘mentor, facilitator, educator, supervisor’.  A graphic designer is a ‘brand manager, creative facilitator, design specialist, visual documentary journalist, social media manager, typographer’.  Your empirical noun opens new doors to opportunities you may not have seen before.


Take two adjectives and combine them with one verb and create a sentence that tells people what you do.

eg: Pip is a creative and conscious writer who facilitates the process of finding your true identity.

Take two Verbs and combine them with an adjective and the sub noun to express the outcome that is generated by doing what you do the way you do it.

eg: Pip has the ability to visualise and transform your characteristics, skills and experience into a tangible written concept that accurately defines your passion and purpose. 

Take the one remaining adjective and combine with your empirical noun that projects your essence.

eg: Pip confidently extracts and compiles the version of you that creates your authentic self.  



Toolkit5 Reasons to FIND YOUR IDENTITY