May 2020


Shirepod Podcast Masterclass May 2020 

So you’ve landed on the right page if you are looking to join our Podcast Masterclass in May 2020

In Course You:

  • Create your list of topics
  • Develop your bio and expertise
  • Create the spine of your Podcast series
  • Refine your Podcast episode content
  • A bit about essential equipment
  • A lot about presenting your Podcast
  • Record your Intro and Outro
  • Quick look at interviews
  • Record your first episodes
  • Editing made easy
  • Post Production
  • Promotion Strategy

AND SO MUCH MORE……….including a mastermind review and podcast guesting information.

Times: TBD plus 2 x 30 minute of reviews, strategy sessions and feedback within two weeks of course.

Cost $299. 

If you have questions head to our facebook page ShirePod and DM or join our ShirePod host group.

Register your interest at

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